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    Eoin Carroll is the undergraduate Programme Director for the Faculty of Computing in Griffith College Dublin. He has been working in Higher Education for 14 years. He has lectured on a wide range of topics at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

    As an educator, he focuses on computer programming, games development and artificial intelligence. He uses game based strategies to improve engagement and retention among his students, and is currently engaged in research on adaptive learning environments and their effect on student focus.



    Title: Formative Feedback Models for Game Based Learning.

    Synopsis: Game Based Learning (GBL) is being increasingly used to support formative feedback in learners. GBL has been used to create environments in formal education that allow the learner to engage with syllabus content through a different frame of perspective (Malone, 1981). As a pedagogical tool, games provide key elements to encourage engagement and re-enforce learning through rapid feedback (Schwartz et al., 2011) and iteration on skillsets (Whitton, 2011).

    This talk looks at examples of implementations of this type of environment and what elements educators need to incorporate into the system to gain the widest reach. I hope that this research will identify a key set of elements that are required to be present to engage learners to the same level as digital video games have engaged generations of players and foster self-efficacy in learners who would be less confident in a traditional academic setting.


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