Elaine Nevin – Director, UNESCO

  • Elaine Nevin is the National Director (Chief Executive Officer) of ECO-UNESCO since 2002. Elaine holds a BA in Geography and Political Science and an MA and a Higher Diploma in Education. She has worked in the field of environmental education since 1995 and believes that empowering, educating and engaging young people is an essential component to achieving sustainable development.

    Elaine has headed up a range of projects in ECO-UNESCO including the Young Environmentalist Awards programme; Youth for Sustainable Development peer education, the development of ECO-UNESCO as a QQI accredited centre, and the development of Green Youth Employability programmes. She led the consultation on the National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development in the Republic of Ireland in 2008 which fed into the National Strategy on ESD in 2014. She is currently heading up ECO-UNESCO’s involvement in the UNESCO Global Action Programme on the implementation of ESD and is a member of the key partner network for the implementation of UNESCO’s GAP under the key priority area 4 – ‘Mobilising and Empowering young people’.

    Elaine sits on and has sat on a range of bodies including the Irish Environmental Network, National Youth Council of Ireland (past Vice-President; current Chair of the NYCI Specialist Organisation Network), and is the Chairperson of the Advisory Group on the National Dialogue on Climate Change. She was a Ministerial Appointee to the Environmental Protection Agency in 2011 and was reappointed to the EPA Advisory Committee in 2016; she is a member of the Advisory Committee for the National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development in the Department of Education and Skills, and sits on the Steering Committee of the Regional Centre of Expertise in ESD Dublin.



    Title: Why Education is Key for Sustainable Development

    Synopsis: Our world is changing; there are increased pressures from climate change, biodiversity loss, consumption and food security issues. education as a key tool for change is emphasised. With the UN agreeing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in 2015 and agencies like UNESCO leading through their Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), the key role of education is highlighted and emphasised. Elaine Nevin, Director of ECO-UNESCO Ireland, a Key Partner of UNESCO in its GAP, will outline the approaches and methods used in education for sustainable development highlighting the organisations experience of working with young people and its approach of learning for, about and in the environment



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