Kevin McLoughlin – Marketing Executive, Recreate Ireland

    • Kevin McLoughlin – Marketing Executive, Recreate Ireland's presentations

    Kevin joined the ReCreate team in 2013 and has been involved in shaping the organisation from the very beginning. He brings a wide mix of skills and creativity to the organisation in his role of Marketing & Membership Manager. He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and holds a professional diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy. Prior to ReCreate, Kevin worked as Deputy President for Education at the Institute of Technology Tallaght. During this period he developed a passion for working with people on a daily basis and on campaigns at both at a local and national level.


    Title: The impact of Creative Reuse in Education

    Synopsis: Everyday at ReCreate we witness new paths of exploration and communication being opened up by the materials we make available. Regardless of age or background, we see our members inspired to invent, communicate and collaborate. Join ReCreates Kevin Mc Loughlin as he shows how ReCreate and Creative Reuse are having an impact in Educational settings


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